Designated Premises Supervisor Courses



The Government considers it essential that Police Officers, Fire Officers or Officers of the Licensing Authority can identify immediately the Designated premises supervisors DPS as a person in a position of authority at any premises selling or supplying alcohol. This should have the positive outcome that any licensing problems arising at the premises can be dealt with swiftly by engaging with this key individual.

  • pubs and bars
  • hotels and restaurants
  • off-licences, supermarkets¬† and convenience stores
  • sports and social clubs
  • nightclubs and¬† entertainment establishments and any other venue or site where alcohol is sold.

Designated Premises Supervisor Courses

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    Having searched for BIIAB on Google, Simply conflict was one of the aproved training facilities near to where I live. The training was booked with very minimul fuss, all the information was emailed to me prior to the course. The training was done by a gentle giant called Mr. Tari, and made me feel at ease. Brilliant training venue with complimentary drinks. I would like to say thank you to the company, specially to the trainer.
    Regards Hasu

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