Top-up training for security guards £95


The top-up training for security guards

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) has undertaken a review of the top-up training for door supervisors and security guards, which will be required before security licences can be renewed from October 2021.

The training will include key elements of the new content that the SIA is introducing to licence-linked qualifications in April 2021, so that licence holders have the same basic skills and knowledge as new entrants achieving the updated qualifications.

The number of practical elements in the training has also been increased to help learners reinforce their knowledge and ensure it is more robust. The practical assessments include Searching, dealing with conflict, report/statement writing and using communications devices.

Expanded core learning common unit for all operatives includes:

  • Communication skills
  • Incident management
  • Health and Safety procedures
  • Citizens’ arrest
  • Protecting vulnerable people
  • Emergency procedures
  • Record keeping
  • COVID-19

Door supervisors

  • An emergency first aid at work qualification (required to take top-up training)
  • Use of equipment such as body-worn video recorders, breathalysers and an increased array of Personal Protective Equipment such as stab vests, needle/slash resistant gloves.
  • Updated terror threat awareness
  • Physical intervention skills training (knowledge and practical)
  • Enhanced content on the management of crowds

Security guards

  • An emergency first aid at work qualification (required to take top-up training)
  • Additional content covering personal safety and the risks associated with physical intervention. This includes content on how to identify situations that might compromise personal safety and the use of strategies like dynamic risk assessment. This does not include any practical physical intervention training
  • Updated terror threat awareness

Close Protection

  • Additional content covering sector-specific physical intervention skills training. A further announcement on this content will be made later. It is likely that the new Close Protection qualification will be launched at a later date.

Tony Holyland, Head of Quality and Standards for the SIA, said: “Our aim is to improve the basic skills, knowledge, and understanding of security operatives so that they can do their jobs more effectively. This will help to improve community safety and to protect the public in the UK.”


Top-up training for security guardsTopup training for security guards


Top-up training for security guards

What is included in the top-up training?

An Emergency First Aid at Work qualification (or equivalent) must be completed before taking the top-up training.

Security guards:

  • knowledge of physical intervention
  • updated terror threat awareness
  • knowledge around critical incidents eg. where to access government guidance on pandemic responses

Delivery of top-up training?

Delivery of the new qualifications using a mixture of self-study, virtual classroom, and face-to-face training.

This will involve the practical elements of physical intervention face-to-face.

How will top-up training be assessed?

The security guard top-up training will be assessed by an exam. The door supervisor top-up training will be assessed by 2 exams (door supervisor knowledge and physical intervention knowledge) plus a practical physical intervention assessment.

Top-up training for security guards


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