Award in Conflict Management A Safer Place to Work



‘A Safer Place to Work – Protecting NHS Staff from Violence and Aggression’ is The National Audit Office (NAO) Report that makes a number of recommendations in regard to tackling physical and non-physical assaults on NHS staff. Training is the key recommendation.

Simply Conflict Training Services Ltd are a dedicated and highly qualified team who have been involved in various aspects of training and consultancy for Local Authorities, Colleges, Government Agencies, Public and Private Sector Organisations. We understand how important it is that staff feel safe in their working environments. Violent behaviour not only affects them personally, but also indirectly affects the standard of service provided with its adverse effect on productivity, morale, and patient care. The result can be high employee turnover, but much worse still, litigation is now readily available for those who feel that they are working in a hostile work environment. Clearly, it is not sufficient to react to incidents after they occur; ways of preventing them from happening in the first place require professional Conflict Resolution Training.

Our accredited specialist training covers the principles of Conflict Management, which enables candidates to – Recognise, assess and reduce risk in conflict situations;

Communicate effectively in emotive situations and de-escalate conflict; – Develop and resolve problems in conflict situations; and as importantly establish the reporting and recording procedures needed to be implemented.

Our Physical Intervention Training provides a practical team approach to the management of aggression, violence and challenging behaviour for the safety of patients within the clinical setting. We ensure your candidates have an excellent understanding of Health & Safety Law, Legal implications on the use of force, Medical implications, Post incident reporting, Recording Incidents, Disengagement, Escorting and Holding Techniques – all that is vitally important for all staff to have effective training and support in the correct use of physical intervention.

Our standards reflect the right for people to be treated with respect, care and dignity especially when they are behaving in ways which may be harmful to themselves or others and as a result require physical intervention from staff. By attending this training, staff will be empowered with the skills to act appropriately in a safe manner, so ensuring effective responses during difficult situations.

Above all, NHS staff have the right to expect a safe and secure workplace and Simply Conflict Training Services Ltd are here to support NHS organisations in their legal and ethical duty to do their utmost to prevent staff from being assaulted or abused in the course of their work.

The BIIAB Award in Conflict Management has been designed to be delivered in one day and includes a short multiple-choice examination. A comprehensive handbook, presented in a easy-to-follow format, supports the qualification and covers all the information needed for the examination. In order to pass the examination 23 out of 30 questions must be answered correctly.


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